July 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We know June has flown by at the speed of light, but we would still like to welcome all of our families – new, continuing, and returning- who have joined us for our Summer Session!  We have such a wonderful group of children! A new mix of children always invigorates us with the possibilities of fresh interests, talents, and friendships. 

As you already know a past parent, Early Childhood Educator and familiar face – Rebecca Franklin – has joined our Summer TeachingTeam! We are thrilled to get to spend time with her this Summer! 

We are excited as we plan for the upcoming summer months. Teachers enjoy the change in the curriculum format for the summer, as we move from Small Groups to Centers. This style makes it easier for children to come in and out of activities without feeling like they missed something when they are away for vacation trips!  Preparing activity centers for in-depth exploration based on common interests presents opportunities for new creative energy and limitless ideas. 

We have kicked off our Summer Fun with a focus on exploring Rocks, Sand and Water. We have weighed, measured, sorted and categorized rocks. We have created rock designs in sand and have even “made” our own rocks (imbedding a surprise object inside) and are waiting for them to dry out enough to crack open! Each of us selected a rock “friend”! These special friends were lovingly painted by their human friends. Cardboard houses were created for them and a “Friend Village” arranged for “Rock Friend” play. 

As the summer weather has finally started to warm up, this week we are shifting to more experiences with water. We will soon be adopting new fish for our vacant aquarium so you may see some “fishy” business around here as we weave new fish into our water experiences. 

We talked with the children before outlining thoughts for our Summer activities and per their suggestions next up will be Mixing Potions!

It is always fun to watch and see how doing one thing sparks an idea or suggestion for something else.  We will continue to watch and listen to see what other interests children are talking about during their play that might guide us on our adventures and explorations this summer.   

We may take an occasional walk around the block or head to the rock park 5 blocks east of us on Simpson Street for a morning of outdoor activities.  We will always communicate with you to let you know if we will be planning to leave the building! 

We hope you enjoy your summer with us.

~ Janet, Jane, Katey & Rebecca


Please apply sunscreen to 

children before they arrive at school. 

We have sunscreen and will reapply 

for children who stay after lunch.  We

use Banana Boat #50. 

Father’s Day “Breakfast Cafe”

Thanks to all of the important men who could join us for our annual Father’s Day event!! It was wonderful to share a special breakfast with you!

Tornado Emergency Plans

We have emergency plans posted at the front door.  Should there be a tornado watch, where we are asked to seek shelter, we will take the children downstairs to our cellar where we have blankets, flashlights, water and stuffed animals.  You might need to have our cell phone numbers in case of such an emergency.




Thursday, July 4th Closed for Holiday 

AUGUST 15/16 Last days of Summer Session

AUGUST 19 – 23            Friends ‘n Fun closed for cleaning, sprucing, prep and planning for new school year.                                     

AUGUST 26/28           Beginning of Fall Session


Vacation Schedules

If you haven’t already, please let us know your vacation schedules. This will help us let children know when their special friends will return to school!