April 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Spring has sprung!  The landscape is greening up with pops of color waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.   My, how the children have all grown this school year – in so many ways beyond physically!  We love that we get to be a part of this with you.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We are honored that you have all been a part of Friends ‘n Fun this year. 


 All of the forest animals – in all their forms – have moved on to their new habitats.  Although we do still hear a lot about those animals!  We had an array of venues for discovery and exploration while we found out more about the different animals that each child was interested in.  There were: stuffed animals, costumes, masks, stories (individual and group collaboration), habitats, and footprint comparisons, to name a few.  Each small group put together a presentation to share their findings with each other as a culminating experience to demonstrate our new knowledge.  Costumes were shown off – along with some fun and interesting facts; stories were turned into movies or books; information about where animal home; and costumed “animals” responded to questions with the sounds their animal makes if a fact that was shared was an attribute of their animal.  It’s always fun to share with friends the things that each group has been delving into.

 Our next adventure is in full swing! MYSTERIES are tickling our imaginations and have everyone looking for mysteries and clues to solve them.  We are beginning to build our detective kits and exercise our power of deduction and observation.  We are starting to hear, “It’s a mystery!” in response to a question…even if it’s wondering where a friend is within the school.  

Studio Discovery Fridays have been spent exploring: Domino Effect, Chain Reaction, and Rube Goldberg contraptions.  We have worked individually and collectively exploring angles, speed, direction, problem solving, collaboration, listening to others ideas and giving them a go to see if it will work….and if it doesn’t, what else could we try?  We always have so much fun in Studio.  

We, as teachers, continue to be inspired by what is interesting and exciting to the children.  They have led us on some amazing journeys this year!

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD:  It doesn’t happen very often, but this year we have more kids moving on to kindergarten than usual.  As a result, we have more openings for fall than is typical.  Please help spread the word that we DO still have openings for Fall 2019.  

This newsletter has a lot of information and dates for upcoming events!  Keep reading for more news and dates!!!!



Wednesday May 8th and Thursday May 9th

Please be sure to attend this special event! Your child will be at your “beck and call” as he or she attends to your every need during our Mother’s Day Tea Party. Your child should arrive at school at their regular time so we can prepare for the school’s magical transformation. You are invited to return at 11:00 to enjoy tea and treats served to you by your children. Be ready to shed a tear or two!

Due to our limited space, and the nature of this special celebration, siblings or other family members will not be able to attend. If you are unable to come, a substitute would help your child join the celebration.



May 8 and 9  (Wed/Thur)    Mother’s Day Tea – 11:00 – 12:00

                                              (depending on your child’s school schedule)

May TBD                     End of Year Potluck Picnic  6:00pm to 7:30pm 

                                             at LaMont Does Park

EVERYONE: Main Dish to share


Last name starts with A-M:Salad

Last name starts with N-Z: Dessert

May TBD                    Parent Teacher Conferences 

Conference sign up sheets will be posted in May.

May 27 (Mon)             Memorial Day  School closed

May 30/ 31                  Last Day of School 

June 3/4                        First Day of Summer Session

                                  Summer session runs from June 3rd through August 16th

July 4     Fourth of July Holiday  School closed

Aug 15/16               Last days of Summer Session

August 19-23                FnF Closed for Children

                      Teachers will be cleaning, organizing and planning for Fall 2019

August 26/27                  Fall Session Begins