Dear Parents,

Is it really possible that February is next week and the beginning of 2022 is in the rearview mirror?? As they say – time flies!!

We began the New Year continuing with our study of snow and winter, and eventually some snow arrived… Now it seems it doesn’t want to stop!

Some of the children investigated snowflake and crystal patterns and sketched and labeled them; some of us learned about animals that hibernate and made winter homes for a variety of creatures; others checked out tracks and footprints and then made tracks of their own; some of us used selfie paper dolls to dress up in all of our winter gear; some built a big snowman with big boxes (the snow hadn’t made an appearance yet!); and some of us became snowflake “detectives” checking out how snowflakes look close up and then experimenting with conditions for melting snow. The snowflake detectives began searching for clues and investigating lots of mysterious happenings around school. This “detective” business caught on and lots of kids began questioning and searching. 

Lo and behold the focus of our next study was born!!! Our young SLEUTHS are honing their detective skills daily and will soon be ready to solve big mysteries! We are sharpening our five senses; developing our abilities to detect and formulate clues; and we are having loads of fun! Stay tuned to hear more about our detectives and the capers they solve!

The Friday Studio Discovery Artist Series has been a delight! So far we have spent three Fridays exploring Picasso’s style as a ceramicist, resulting in our own ceramic pieces. We then looked at Wassily Kandinsky and created three different pieces inspired by his work. The children made prints using brightly colored concentric circles; watercolor paintings with dramatic black lines; and painted to music, using color and sometimes lines, to reflect how the music made them feel. Next up is ephemeral land and nature artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Valentine’s Day                                       

Your children are invited to bring Valentines for their friends on Monday, February 14th or Tuesday the 15th. For children of preschool age it is best to just have them write their names on the cards and leave the envelopes blank. You can buy pre-packaged valentines or join them in making their own creations. Bring 16 cards for the Monday group and 17 cards for the Tuesday group. We will share them during our celebration. 

If you would like to contribute to our celebration let the teachers know and we will put your name and offering on a sign up. We would love to have 4 snacks that are either whole fruits or prepackaged items. Special valentine plates, cups and napkins and stickers are also fun. 


             Jane, Katey and Janet 

Calendar Reminder: FnF will be closed for President’s Day February 21. All closure dates are listed in your September newsletter. 

When the Snow Flies Reminder: In the event of heavy snow and/or ice please check your email the night before and the morning of a snow storm. If we are uncertain about closure or a late start due to watching how a storm evolves we will notify you the night before and then confirm our decision the next morning by 7 AM. If you need to check in with one of us please text or call Janet or Jane. 

Please send snow pants, boots, hats and mittens on snowy days! We don’t want to miss out on those precious days of playing in the snow!!!