Dear Families,

     It feels like Spring has sprung as things are starting to look green around the edges in anticipation of an explosion of growth and color! The children always look so big this time of year as their growth spurts become evident in their longer limbs, joyful energy and engaged minds – bursting with all they know and are curious about! 

     We had such a wonderful time investigating mysteries, and honing our detective skills! We are sure you all have professional, in-house sleuths if you have any mysteries to investigate in your homes!

   Friends’n Fun loves to create opportunity for theatrical performances. We value the collaboration involved as the children work together to organize all of the parts of a play – costumes, props, scenery and script. As you probably already know we began a focus on theatre following Spring Break. We read lots of children’s books that could lend themselves to theatrical interpretation, and then the children were instrumental in choosing what would be fun to do in each of the small groups. Janet’s MW group are being animals at the zoo in THE BABY BEEBEE BIRD, and her T/Th crew are putting together their very own version of THE FOUR BILLY GOATS GRUFF and the TWO SILLY TROLLS. Jane’s MW group are practicing balancing as they are working on CAPS FOR SALE, and the T/Th bunch are headed to the jungle to perform ANANSI and the MOSS COVERED ROCK. Katey’s MW little ones are rolling around in preparation for TEN in the BED and T/Th are trying to cheer up a disgruntled friend in GRUMPY BIRD.

We will take lots of photos of our performances!

 Following an AMAZING Artist Series, Studio Discovery Fridays are now getting very physical as the children explore the principles of “rolling.” It has been loads of fun to set objects in motion, and a delight to learn the term “revolutions” as we count how many rolls it takes for cylinders of varying circumferences to find their way along a measured path!


       Jane, Katey and Janet


The last day of this school session is Friday May 27th. 

Summer session will start Wednesday June 1st, and run through August 19th. We will be closed to children the week of August 22nd to prepare for the next school year.

Fall session will begin Monday August 29th.

Spring Conferences 

We will be holding Spring Conferences to celebrate the children’s growth and accomplishments. We will schedule the conferences in May, and we will let you know the times and dates once we have it sorted out.