Fall 2019 Openings!

Due to an unusually high number of children moving on to kindergarten in the fall, we have more openings than we usually do. Please give us a call to schedule a visit and see if we are a good fit for your family.


Don’t forget!  Friends ‘n Fun will be closed December 24, 2012 through January 1, 2013.  We will be back on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

Happy Holidays!


Dear Parents,
Many apologies for taking a while to get this summer newsletter out! Welcome to all our families – new, continuing, and returning.  We have a wonderful group of children for our summer session and are enjoying getting to know one another.  A new mix of children always invigorates us with the possibilities of new interests, talents, and friendships.

We are excited as we plan for the upcoming summer months. Throughout the summer various activities will be set out each day with children of all ages in mind.  Teachers are always enthusiastic for our change in curriculum format for the summer.  Preparing activity centers for in-depth exploration based on interests rather than ages seems to allow for new creative energy and limitless ideas.

We started June off with some water and sand experiences and have been having a great time with our the new load of sand that has renewed our sand box. We are now very excited about creating functional toys and play materials using cardboard. We are starting with small cardboard houses to use with puppets of ourselves and friends. Also on the list of items are a marble run, treehouse, race car track and castle and dragons. We will see if anymore ideas pop up! If the cardboard creations don’t occupy us for the summer we plan to explore color, light and shadow in a variety of ways.
We may take an occasional walk around the block, a walk to Pioneer Elementary School’s playground, or a walk to the rock park 5 blocks East of us on Simpson Street for a morning of outdoor activities.  Watch the front door for notes regarding when we might leave the building. We hope you enjoy your summer with us.

SUNSCREEN  – Feel free to apply sunscreen to children before they arrive at school. We have sunscreen and will reapply it throughout the day.  If your child needs a specific brand, please send it  (labeled with your child’s name) and with a signed note indicating this is your preference. We use Banana Boat #50 and Blue Lizard #30.

Summer sun and hot days mean we will get wet, to stay cool.  Please leave a change of clothing for your children in their cubbies. Also, please send a swimsuit to leave at school

Tornado Emergency Plans       June is typically our stormiest month – and we need to be prepared for any emergency.  We have emergency plans posted at the front door.  Should there be a tornado watch, where we are asked to seek shelter, we will take the children downstairs to our cellar where we have blankets, flashlights, water and stuffed animals.  You might need to have our cell phone numbers in case of such an emergency.  They are:   Janet – 303-818-4842 Sandy – 720-220-2187

Vacation schedules –   Please let staff know, when possible, of times that your child will not be attending.  This will help us in our staff scheduling as well as letting children know when their special friends are returning after vacations. ______________________________________________________
Wednesday JULY 4 INDEPENDENCE DAY – School closed

School Yard Work Day – May 26, 2012

Teachers will be at school from 8:30 -1:00pm to work on a variety of “jobs” to get our school’s outdoor environment ready for our summer session.  Join us if you can – even for an hour or two.  Let us know when you might be available and what tools (truck?) you may have for us to use.  Our goals are to :

•fluff the sand and wood chips – adding more if necessary
•add wood shavings to the front walk beside the street
•clean up the yards!
•build 2 raised garden beds and possibly plan/install a hydration system

Thanks for your support!


Potluck Picnic – May 24, 2012

Please join us for our end of the year potluck picnic.  Note that we have changed the location of this event.  We have discovered a wonderful park that may suit our families’ needs better.  This one has a  smaller playground area alongside the larger one – smaller will accommodate our new toddlers!  The park is White Tail Park on Autumn Ridge Blvd., just off Empire (Hiway 42) and 287.  Please bring your family, a main dish and a dessert (A-M) or a salad (N-Z).  FnF will provide tableware, plates, and beverages.  This event is from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Parent Teacher Conferences – June 1& 2

Parent Teacher Conferences – Stop by our parent bulletin board and sign up for your 20 minute conference time with the team of teachers.  Conferences will be June1 and June 2, 2012.  We have been working on your child’s portfolio which will be ready for you to take on these dates.  Please join us in this time of celebrating your child’s growth and development over the course of this year.

MOTHER’S DAY TEA – 5/10/12

Just a little reminder to all FnF Moms to attend our Mother’s Day Tea this Thursday, May 10, 2012.  Bring your child at his/her normal time.  If your child attends on Wednesday and not on Thursday,  he/she should come on both Wednesday and on Thursday at the normal time.  Then YOU come back at 10:30 or 2:30 whichever is appropriate, and be ready to be waited on by a very special wait person.  Your child will be at your beck and call!  Call if you have any further questions.  Don’t miss this very special event.  Due to the limitations of our space, this is a mothers only event.