September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year at Friends ‘n Fun!

The pandemic that we are all living with presents us with a school year unique to all others in our history. The challenges facing all of us as we navigate our world in the safest, healthiest way we can are many, but our commitment to providing the best possible experience for children and families remains strong! Our mission is to provide your child with experiences that are filled with adventure, exploration and discovery. We want to be in collaboration with you as we work together to support your child as he/she grows and develops during these exciting early years of childhood. This partnership is of great value to us and we encourage you to let us know of any concerns or questions that you may have throughout the school year.

Teachers at FnF realize that parents know their children better than anyone. It is you who have seen them smile their first smile; it is you who celebrated their first words and first steps; it is you who have nursed them through illness and accidents, and it is you who continue to encourage, support, comfort and love them. Thank you for sharing your children with us and know that we take the trust you have extended us very seriously.

We all look forward to an exciting year and to all of the journeys ahead of us! Janet, Jane & Katey

This newsletter has a lot of information regarding upcoming events and getting started in our program. PLEASE take time to read it and make notes on your own family’s calendar so that your family does not miss out on important dates, etc.

September’s Journey –

The beginning of a new school year presents us with an opportunity to see ourselves not only as individuals but also as a part of something bigger: a family, a school setting, a community.

“A child is born a first time, and then, through the long and difficult process of constructing his identity, it is as if he is born again. In this process, he gives himself a face, a body, gestures, movement, speech, thought, feelings, imagination, fantasy; in short, the awareness of being and the means of expressing his “me-ness” which is absolutely essential for becoming autonomous and distinguishing ourselves from other people and things – people and things we live and interact with and from which, little by little, we draw most of the raw material with which we create our own identity. To recognize ourselves and to be recognized. But a child’s most sought-after goal is to recognize himself in others, and to find in others (objects and the natural world as well) parts of himself.” ~Loris Malaguzzi

We have decided to start our year off with the idea of “CONNECTION.” The coronavirus has required all of us to look a bit differently at ways to connect and stay connected, and so with that being part of everyone’s life experience, exploring the concept of connection seems a fitting place to begin. Some of the places we hope this journey will lead us to are: exploring how objects connect; how things in the world are connected; and what makes people connected. The children have already generated thoughts and ideas: “Connection means things go together.” “People are connected because they are friends!” “The body is connected because feet are hooked to legs.” “Trees are connected to the ground.” “Things connect when you hear them click.” As always we will work together with the children to see how the twists and turns of our travels take shape.

We look forward to the journey and will be excited to see how it grows and evolves! Stay tuned……………………………!

On STUDIO DISCOVERY FRIDAYS we will be looking at Comparative Measurements. We hope to explore size, distance and visual perspective, weight and volume …….. and anything else that happens to come up!

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We worked hard this summer to implement all of the health and safety protocols outlined for us by Boulder County Public Health. We continually adapted to all of the evolving information and frequently updated regulations and recommendations. During the summer we were told that young children (5 and under) were not required to wear masks at school and that schools should focus their efforts on monitoring physically distanced play, hand washing hygiene and disinfection protocols. Last week these recommendations were updated and they are now asking that all children 3 and over wear masks at school.

We know this is a big change from the summer session policy, and with teacher support we will work compassionately with the children to learn how to wear masks at school. We will have masks at school to use should you forget, but we ask you to start sending them with your children this week. We will make sure they get breaks from the masks and of course they won’t wear them for drinks of water, snack, lunch and resting time. During all of those times children are distanced by a minimum of 6 feet. During the summer session a few children wore masks at FnF and this past week many children practiced mask wearing at school. We have learned that children can be remarkably good at this health practice and soon forget they are even wearing them. Please talk with us about any concerns you have and we can develop a reassuring plan with your child should he/she be apprehensive about the change.

Mask wearing is a way we can all help take care of each other within our Friends’n Fun Community and safe guard the health of ourselves and those in our lives outside of school!

And as required, the adults will always wear masks!


During a typical school year we would have made plans for a Fall potluck, Fall parent/ teacher conferences and a had a date secured for our annual Family Branch making event held during the holiday season. Alas……the virus is not cooperating with our typical plans!

Teachers will organize a schedule for Fall conferences via Zoom within the next couple of weeks as soon as we can devise a plan to do so! Stay tuned…………


HEALTH FORMS The State of Colorado requires us to have a recent physical for each child at FnF. This physical must be updated annually. Jane will let you know if you are missing any paperwork and when it needs to be updated.

PERMISSION FORMLicensing requires the permissions page of your child’s paperwork to be initialed and dated annually. Jane will catch you to have you sign/date the permission form for this year.

INFORMATION CHANGES – Jane will be asking returning families to review their child’s enrollment forms and update any changes to: address, phone numbers, employment (and that contact information), emergency contact, physician, insurance. If any of those things change during the year, please let us know so that we have current/correct information.

MEDICATIONS – A form MUST be completed by your doctor each time he/she prescribes ANY medications to be given to your child while in our care. This includes prescriptions and over the counter meds. Please ask Jane or Janet for the medications form and have your physician complete this form and return to school with the medication(s), as we will not be able to administer any medications without it. Please note that we are not allowed to administer any homeopathic medications/remedies. THANKS!

WATER BOTTLES & BACKPACKS These items are fun to have but the public health department is asking that we limit objects that travel to and from home and school. SORRY!

CLASS LIST WITH CONTACT INFORMATION – we are working on this and will make sure everyone has a copy once it’s ready!


Please watch Channel 9 News for notices of school closings or late opening times on days of extreme snow. If you can, check Channel 9 News online for the most current updates, as the television has a delay time from when we called. We will also post closures on the “Latest & Greatest” page on our website and our Facebook page:

Phone numbers – If something should come up during off school hours call Jane or Janet on their cell phone numbers (listed on class list).


September 7, 2020 Labor Day

November 26 – 27, 2020 Thanksgiving

December 24-31 & January 1 Winter Break (reopen Mon., Jan. 4th)

January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 15, 2021 President’s Day

March 24 – 25 – 26, 2021 Spring Break

May 28, 2021 Last Day of school year

May 31, 2021 Memorial Day

June 1, 2021 First Day of summer session