September 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new year at Friends ‘n Fun.  Our mission is to help you to provide your child with experiences that are filled with adventure, exploration and discovery.  We want to be in collaboration with you as we work together to support your child as he/she grows and develops during these exciting early years of childhood. We encourage you to let us know of any concerns or questions that you may have throughout the school year.

Teachers at FnF realize that parents know their children better than anyone.  It is you who have seen them smile their first smile; it is you who celebrated their first words and first steps; it is you who have nursed them through illness and accidents, and it is you who continue to encourage, support, comfort and love them. Thank you for sharing your children with us and know that we take the trust you have extended us very seriously.

          Please always feel free to “chat” with us about the day’s events.

              We are all looking forward to an exciting year and all of the journeys ahead of us.

This newsletter has a lot of information regarding upcoming events and getting started in our program.  PLEASE take time to read it and make notes on your own family’s calendar so that your family does not miss out on important  dates, etc.

September’s Journey

The beginning of a new school year presents us with an opportunity to see ourselves not only as individuals but also as a part of something bigger: a family, a school setting, a community. 

“A child is born a first time, and then, through the long and difficult process of constructing his identity, it is as if he is born again.  In this process, he gives himself a face, a body, gestures, movement, speech, thought, feelings, imagination, fantasy; in short, the awareness of being and the means of expressing his “me-ness” which is absolutely essential for becoming autonomous and distinguishing ourselves from other people and things – people and things we live and interact with and from which, little by little, we draw most of the raw material with which we create our own identity.  To recognize ourselves and to be recognized.  But a child’s most sought-after goal is to recognize himself in others, and to find in others (objects and the natural world as well) parts of himself.”                                                                                                                            ~ Loris Malaguzzi

We will begin our year with exploring “Connections.” It is a broad umbrella that will give us many opportunities and possibilities to not only think about how things, objects, experiences etc. in the world relate to each other and are connected but also how we as people connect with each other. Connecting with each other will be the first steps we will take together on this journey. We are using the lovely children’s book, “Hello, My Name Is Ruby” by Philip C. Stead to open up the conversation. Ruby bravely goes out into the world to introduce herself to others. As she wanders along she also sees some of the different ways the other creatures experience the world. We look forward to the journey start and will be excited to see how it grows and evolves! Stay tuned……………………………!

STUDIO DISCOVERY FRIDAYS kick off this upcoming Friday September 1st with a focus on BALANCE!! We are ready to have loads of fun as we experiment with our bodies and objects to learn everything we can about this exciting topic!

Greetings & Goodbyes –

Entering the school environment is a transition time and the most significant one of the day.  Children and parents enter the school with multiple needs and feelings.  There can be enthusiasm, excitement, anxiety, sadness, confusion and frustration – just to name a few.  Teachers see their role at this time as facilitators of the morning transition.  We make ourselves available to hold a child during a tearful or joyful good-bye, receive and transfer information from and to parents, reassure everyone that things will be okay, and help children connect with activities, materials and each other when they are ready.  Parents tend to feel more comfortable going off to start their day once their children are engaged in an activity.  On the other hand, most children are preoccupied with the process of transitioning from home and parents to school and teachers. They are really not ready to begin something until the transition is complete. Once the parent has driven away, they are ready to look around and spend some time thinking about where they want to start. Please speak with teachers if you would like support with your morning transition.

END OF DAY   Friends’n Fun’s day has several schedule options. Teachers plan a variety of experiences for the groups of children who are scheduled for specific time frames. It can be confusing to all if there is an unrequested time overlap. Please help us with this by picking up your child at your scheduled end of day. If you would like to add to your schedule speak with Janet or Jane and we can plan for your child’s participation.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

HEALTH FORMSThe State of Colorado requires us to have a recent physical for each child at FnF.  This physical must be updated annually.  Please be sure that by September 12, 2016 we have documentation of this exam.  Jane will let you know if you are missing any paperwork.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  RETURNING FAMILIES: Licensing requires the permissions page of your child’s paperwork to be initialed and dated annually.  Jane will try and catch you at the beginning or end of the day to review and sign.

MEDICATIONS – A form  MUST be completed by your doctor each time he/she prescribes ANY medications to be given to your child while in our care.  This includes prescriptions and over the counter meds.  Please ask Jane or Janet for the medications form and have your physician complete this form and return to school with the medication(s), as we will not be able to administer any medications without it.  THANKS!

WATER BOTTLES – Our nurse consultant, who keeps us up to date on so many things and helps make sure we’re on top of current information regarding children’s health, has recommended that we do not allow water bottles.  Water bottles left in the cubbies, or even the refrigerator, are tempting to many children.  There is a chance a child may take a drink from someone else’s water bottle and this can lead to spread of germs. Some people may also add something to their children’s water bottle that may be unsafe for another child to have (examples: vitamins; fruit juices to which other children may be allergic).  Children have ready access to our water fountain whenever they need a drink and we work with the children on the best way to drink from the water fountain and sanitize it several times a day.  Thank you for your help in trying to contain the spread of germs.


Mark your calendars and watch the Parent Board for more specifics regarding these dates.


 Watch the Parent Bulletin Board for a sign-up sheet to schedule a 15 minute Fall conference. We like to touch base with all of you early in the year to help us better support your child’s interests and needs as well as answer any further questions you might have after being at FnF for a few weeks.


Every school year we look forward to enjoying a few social events together.  We typically start with a Fall Potluck, gather together for the Family Branch celebration during the holiday season and end the year with a Spring Potluck.  We are having a challenging time trying to schedule events this Fall due to park availability, teacher’s evening schedules – Jane is taking a class this semester – and a few other confinements.  We will be unable to do the Potluck this Fall but have a couple of new ideas.

It is yet to be confirmed, but we are thinking of holding the Family Branch Celebration the Saturday before Thanksgiving before all of the holiday intensity builds; plan a family bowling event in January/ February; and end the year with the traditional Spring Potluck. And of course we will have the conferences and Mother’s Day Tea!  We apologize for the changes but hope we can still enjoy times to have fun and get to know each other this school year!!              


September 4, 2017                    Labor Day

November 23 – 24, 2017                     Thanksgiving

December 25-29 & January 1    Winter Break (reopen Tuesday, Jan. 2nd)

January 15, 2018                Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 19, 2018                               President’s Day

March 28 – 29 – 30, 2018                    Spring Break

May 28, 2018                                   Memorial Day

Please watch Channel 9 News for notices of school closings or late opening times on days of extreme snow.  If you can, check Channel 9 News online for the most current updates, as the television has a delay time from when we called.  We will also post closures on the “Latest & Greatest” page on our website.

*******************************Welcome to Friends ‘n Fun.  We hope you enjoy your journey with us.

Janet, Jane, Katey  & Kara