March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Happy almost Spring! It is such a delight to see the crocuses peeking out around the edges preparing us for the upcoming explosion of color! Our “trip” to Ghana has kept us warm through the frosty and snowy months of January and February. With the amazing support and resources provided us by Adjei and Kari Abankwah (Asante’s parents) our school journey was enriched by dancing and singing with Adjei, African drumming with Nii Okai Aryeeteh, and the dramatic story telling of Akaramah Cofie. The children have learned the traditional Ghanaian children’s songs Kye Kye Kule and Bambaliba and they made their very own drums. We then explored beautiful Kente cloth, creating our own versions of this gorgeous art form. We learned about Adinkra symbols and their significant meanings. Some of us printed cloth with them, used them for storytelling or created our own, assigning them a special meaning. We are now ending this incredible experience with storytelling based on the traditional Ghanian story figure , Ananse the Spider. We hope to come together as singers, drummers and storytellers this Wednesday and Thursday in a culminating celebration of our West African adventure!

Our deepest thanks go out to Adjei, Kari and Asante for sharing this beautiful part of their history and lives with us!

Throughout the course of a school year teachers watch and listen to themes that emerge in the children’s play. We observe for themes that cross age and gender and are sustained over time. This year from September through the present the children have been deeply focused on “super powers.” Over the years we often hear and see play revolving around super heroes. A bit of a shift from past years is the constant conversation about “powers.” Boys talk about it, girls talk about it, three year olds, four year olds and five year olds talk about. The teachers have often avoided a direct connection with this play, cautious about the challenges that may present when “good versus bad” actions get physical. This year we have decided to take it on in response to the children’s extreme interests. We will, however, be careful and intentional as we explore the idea of a “super power” and what that really means for the children. We will begin with thinking about what a “super power” is and then, in conjunction with the children, see where this next journey takes us! The new journey will begin following Spring Break!

PS: Studio Discovery Fridays will be shifting focus as we set up an incubator in hopes of hatching ducklings! Stay tuned……….

This newsletter has lots of dates for upcoming events in the next couple of months!

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 REMINDER Teachers are working away on each child’s portfolio to present to you at the May conference. The portfolio fee which assists us in the cost of production materials was due in November. Please check your records and turn your payment in so we can keep the ball rolling! Thanks!

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SNOWY WEATHER!!!! It’s hard to believe we’re still including this, but spring weather can be unpredictable! We will notify 9 News if we will be closed due to bad weather. It sometimes takes awhile for schools to be listed on television but a listing pops up pretty quickly on their website, so check there as well. We will also post closure on our websites Latest & Greatest page. If you are not sure you are also always welcome to call Janet @ 303-818-4842 or Jane @ 303-775-1531.

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Please note these on your calendars!

March 25, 26, 27    SPRING BREAK

May 6 and 7           Mother’s Day Tea – 11:00 – 12:00 (depending on your child’s                                                                                       school schedule)

Calling all moms! Please be sure you attend this special event. Your                                                                child will be at your “beck and call” for part of this day. Bring your child at their regular time. And then you will return at 11:00 to enjoy tea and treats served by your children. Details will be posted in late April. Due to our limited space and the nature of this special celebration, siblings or other family members will not be able to attend. If you are unable to come a substitute would help your child join in the celebration.

May TBA             Parent Teacher Conferences

Please watch the parent bulletin board for a sign up sheet to attend a conference on one of the listed days. Conferences will be 20 minutes each.

May 20 (Wed)    End of Year Potluck Picnic at La Monte Does Park. Details to follow.

May 25              Memorial Day. School closed.

May 28 – 29       Last Day of School

June 1 and 2     First Day of Summer Session

                          Summer session runs from June 1st through August 14th.

August 17-21   FnF Closed for Children for cleaning, organizing and planning for Fall 2015

August 24/25   Fall Semester Begins