Dear Parents,

    The hustle bustle of the Holiday season feels far behind us and we can’t believe it’s February already! 

   We kicked off the Holiday season with your beautiful leaves of gratitude being attached to our Tree of Thanks. Then we had our annual Family Branch celebration the weekend before Thanksgiving. We are so grateful to all of you for sharing your family’s words and wishes and photos and creations as we enjoyed them fluttering in the breeze on our maple tree and dangling above us on the beautiful hanging branches!! 

    December also brings a visit from one of our past parents and long time friend, Bruce Kirschner, whose adult sons Paul and Sam attended Friends’n Fun as preschoolers. Each year he comes to school to celebrate Hanukkah with us.  Bruce has been doing this with us for over 20 years now!  He engages the children with his warm and fun personality and is always memorable. He is a treasure!

    We hope you have been hearing about THE MITTEN at home.  Each group explored this story in a wide variety of ways.  There was lots of sewing going as as some of us – hand stitched mittens from felted wool; hand stitched animal stuffies; used our sewing machine (with assistance) to sew fleece mittens; and Katey’s group even used it to sew a GIANT mitten to use in acting out the story.  Others created animal puppets and “mini” forests.  And still others embodied the essence of the animals as they donned amazing headdresses!  So many creative ways to delve into the mitten – both literally and figuratively.

    This story lends itself beautifully to an acting opportunity.  Everyone has made an animal mask – and they are beyond adorable! We have read a few different versions of the story.  Katey’s groups will synthesize the children’s favorite aspects of each and write a “script” for our play. Jane, Rebecca and Janet’s groups will be in charge of the set.  We promise to take lots of photos to display and include in portfolios.

Our Studio Discovery series is now focused on TOOLS.  So far everyone has had a chance to measure, saw and hammer – with safety always being the first priority.  We will continue to practice using different tools and, perhaps, in the end, there will be something we construct for school.  One never quite knows what will happen in Studio Discover.  And that is half the fun!


The people at Share-a-Gift tell us that each year Friends ‘n Fun parents are one of the most generous group of contributors to their program.  This year our box was filled 3 times!

Here is an excerpt from a follow up email sent by the Director of Share-a-Gift!

Hello schools!

Thanks again for all your support of Share A Gift this year!  Thanks to your generosity, 1324 children in BVSD will be receiving gifts this holiday season! Again, we couldn’t do it without all of you so thanks again! On behalf of the whole Share A Gift Board, Jen Gero


Thanks to all of you for your notecard orders. Your contributions raised $1300.  We hope that you and your families enjoy the amazing artwork created by your children. Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity!


We will notify 9 News if we will be closed due to bad winter weather. It sometimes takes awhile for schools to be listed on television but a listing pops up pretty quickly on their website, so check there as well. We will also post closures on our Facebook page and on our website on the Latest & Greatest page.  If you are not sure you are welcome to call Jane or Janet.


Your children are invited to bring valentines for their friends on Thursday, February 13th or Friday the 14th.  

For children of preschool age it is best to only have them write their names on the cards and leave the envelopes blank.  You can buy pre-packaged valentines or join them in making their own creations.

 Bring 22 cards for the Thursday group and 22 cards for the Friday group.                                           

A Valentine snack sign up will be posted on the parent bulletin board closer to time.


Friends ’n Fun parent, and Art Therapist, Kate Morris (Evie’s mom) developed a training series for FnF teaching staff focusing on self care and emotional support.  It was such an enriching experience for us that she was curious if it would be something parents might also enjoy.  

  The series would be offered every other week, in the evenings, over the course of 6 weeks.  Exact dates and times will be announced as we gauge interest.  The sessions can be attended as a series, or individually, at $20 per session.  A minimum of 4 participants will be needed and up to 10 are welcome.  

If you are interested, please let Janet or Jane know and we will get that information to Kate.

Engaging our “Best Parenting Selves:”  A Three Part Series

– Practicing Self Care: Enjoying Self Care and Stress Reducing Behaviors ~

  • Healthy nourishment! YUM!
  • Self-massage

·      Discussing and sharing personal self-care practice and incorporating self-care into daily life

The Art of Being Present: Practicing the Art of Being Present, Sensory Walk  ~

·      “Earthing” and its benefits

·      Being present through experiencing our senses 

– Soulful Listening: Collaging a Soulful Mantra ~

·      Writing what our souls and hearts need to hear

·      Making a “mantra reminder sign” 

·      Sharing the experience

·      Planning to support each other to practice the strategies of mindful self-care, being present and soulful listening and integrating these strategies in our work with children.


Please mark your calendars and note the following dates.

 Thursday/Friday, February 13th & 14th: Valentine’s Day

 Monday, February 17th: President’s Day – Friends ‘n Fun CLOSED

Wednesday-Friday, March 25, 26, 27: Spring Break – Friends ‘n Fun CLOSED

Wednesday/Thursday, May 6th and 7th: Mother’s Day Tea

Monday, May 25th: CLOSED Memorial Day

Thursday/ Friday, May 28th & 29th:  Last days of school

Monday, June 1st: First day of summer session