Dear Families,

    Spring is here! Spring is here! How wonderful it is to feel the cool warmth in the morning air and watch color begin to appear in the world around us!

  The children always look so big this time of year as their growth spurts become evident in their longer limbs, joyful energy and engaged minds – bursting with all they know and are curious about! 

    For a minute there we thought we were on BROADWAY under the bright lights as each of the small groups took turns performing their theatrical productions! Each of the small groups worked together to create costumes, sets, scenery and props as they prepared their plays.

   Jane’s M/W crew performed an adaptation of Bears and a Birthday by Shirley Parenteau. They made bear ears and party hats for costumes, built an oven to bake the birthday cake in and awaited Big Bear’s entry as they surprised him with a party. 

   Her T/Th group performed an adaptation of Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Ratham. Adorable headpieces were created along with zoo cages for each of the animals to live in. The Zoo Keeper wished each of the animals a “good night” as the sneaky Gorilla followed behind unlocking the cages. Then they all followed the unaware Zoo Keeper home to join him in his cozy bed!

   Katey’s groups both fell in love with bear books by Shirley Parenteau! Her M/W group sewed comfy pillows, created cardboard headboards and topped it all off with bear ears as they prepared for their performance of Bears in Bed. The blowing of window curtains worried the bears and they all ended up in bed with Big Bear!

    Her T/Th guys performed Bears and Blossoms. Several beautiful pink blossomed trees were created as the children collaborated to design a park. In addition to bear ears, they made kites to fly during their excursion to the park. Once there they flew the kites and enjoyed a picnic of honey and bread.

  Janet’s M/W players were not content with existing stories so they wrote their own play – Searching for Princes. Elaborate crowns were created for all of the royalty – the Queen, two Princesses and two Princes. An epic journey was had as the Queen and her royal daughters traveled through the forest ( by the recommendation of a dragon with an astonishing headpiece, living in a nearby cave) to search for Princes. Upon meeting, the couples agreed to marriage (the classical ending) as they journeyed back to the castle overcoming obstacles – a rock field, slimy mud, and Rainbow Mountain – along the way.

    Following a thorough search of available material her T/Th kids decided to perform Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard. The full animal costumes they made were amazing. The animals awaited in a forest, designed by the group, to cheer up their friend – Bird – who had woken up in a grumpy mood. By the end all were laughing as they joined her in her nest to snack on worms! Gummy worms were shared with all.

 The theatrical extravaganza finale was the all school production of SEALS on the BUS by Lenny Hort.

What fun we had riding in the giant cardboard bus (built by Katey’s crews) as each of the animals in the story awaited at bus stops all around the town (made by Janet’s crews) to reach their final destination of a big party ( created by Jane’s crews.) The weary actors are now taking a break as the repertory season has ended!

  Next stop  on our school journey was assorted “trap” making.We will now be wrapping things up with a study of kites!! What a journey it has been!


Following a series of science experiments we are now having a wonderful time exploring clay. Quinly’s Dad, Chad, is a potter and he will be joining us to help make pinch pots which he will also fire for us! And….our down the road Simpson St. neighbors, Mudslingers, are happy to welcome us on a field trip to learn about their pottery studio.


We will be closed Monday May 29th for Memorial Day. The last day of this school session is Wednesday May 31st. 

Summer session will start Thursday June 1st, and run through August 19th. We will be closed to children the week of August 21st to prepare for the next school year.

Fall session will begin Monday August 28th.


We will be holding Spring Conferences to celebrate the children’s growth and accomplishments the week of May 22nd. We will let you know the exact times and days once we have it sorted out.


             Jane, Katey and Janet